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The Crusading Noobs
Crusaders Wanted!
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With evil intent comes evil actions...

he long conflict between the Horde and Alliance is at the very heart of the World of Warcraft MMORPG.  While the hatred between the two factions is an integral part of the WoW lore and gameplay the Horde players have taken their role to new depths. 

The unrelenting assaults on lower level towns and villages, constant attacks on low level players by end-game level Horde, and the growing number of Horde attacks on Alliance capital cities has demonstrated that the Horde have no concern for fair play or gamesmanship.  In order to counter this growing threat a new guild has been established to band together and support a group of dedicated defenders of the Alliance.  These few, these brave and dedicated members of the Alliance faction, seek to put right the balance of power and to meet the Horde threat with skill and honor.

The call has gone out for those few who will stand against the scourge.  These defenders have come together under the banner of the Alliance, and shall forever be known as the Crusading Noobs.


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